& carpentry
for DREAM homes

We are a company dedicated to the manufacture, produce, and installation of wood and ironwork products. Make them at your linking with a personalized service, choice of to brand materials and quality finishes. 

Welding & Carpentry

15+ Years Building Welds and Carpentry

We offer you our experience gained over more than 15 years.  All our iron and wood works are custom-made and adapt to your needs.


Successfully Project Finished.


Years of experience with proud


Colleagues & counting more daily

Welding & Carpentry

Quality Services


Our decades of experience have taken us from
pre-engineered steel to comprehensive construction techniques with the capacity to handle multiple
project types in both the private and public sectors. We identify the best construction methods for a project and then work with you to implement it.


Take the right steps early on during a project and
you are set up for ultimate success. Our depth of experience ensures nothing is overlooked in the critical pre-construction phase. We’re there with
you from site selection to ribbon cuttings.


Starting with day one, we’re more than a general contractor. Our experience in collaborative construction methods incorporates the owner, design and construction into a single contract. We help optimize efficiency through all project phases.


When it comes to building a successful project,
we recognize the importance of both the big
picture and the smallest details. Our decades of diverse construction backgrounds give us a
solutions-oriented perspective to keep projects on track, whether on a tenant improvement
project or large-scale industrial construction.


We are ideally suited to the design/build process
with a single firm focus from project design to construction. This highly efficient model allows for streamlined contracts and shorter project
schedules. Combined with our strength in
working as a team, you are ensured the best
project outcome.


We are a top provider of construction management services. We apply our extensive knowledge of construction methods, scheduling, project administration and team building to keep projects
on time and within budget. It's a big responsibility
but we’re proud to consistently deliver.

Welding & Carpentry

Committed To Keep People Healthy & Safe

Our partners and the entire Miles team encompass many decades of experience and expertise in all phases of construction and pre-construction.

We Follow Best Practices

Our philosophy is based on a partnership.

Welding & Carpentry

Frequently Asked Questions

The length of time depends on the severity of the damage. However, Matthews Construcction can provide you with detailed estimations for the recovery process.

Matthews Construcction takes safety very seriously. Before beginning a job, all potential hazards are determined and addressed during the initial inspection. By doing things such as removing dangerous debris, addressing any electrical hazards, and improving the quality of the air, Matthews Construcction will make sure everyone at the site is safe.

Our initial inspection and quotation on your roof repair are completely free!

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